3 Ways to Overcome Clogged Pipes

Have you ever experienced when you want to wash the dishes in the sink, but

Have you ever experienced when you want to wash the dishes in the sink, but the used washing water does not seep into the pipe, but only pooled in the sink? If you experience it, it means your duct is clogged. This will certainly be very annoying considering your work that must be completed at that time also becomes hampered. This clogged pipe makes the water flow stops and stagnates. If not treated immediately, this pool of water will become a place for mosquitoes to grow. Creepy right? Therefore, you must hurry to use the services of a plumber West Melbourne to treat the clogged pipes.

Blocked channels can be caused by various factors. Among them are clogged drains due to fat and drilled clogs due to hair. In addition, there are still several other causes. Namely:

  • Garbage is the main cause, usually, it can come from food scraps that are not thrown away, but are left to flow with water.
  • Soap deposits. The precipitated soap is easily blended with other compounds. But the soap that settles for a long time will increasingly stick and much so that it makes the pipes clogged.
  • Mud and dirt deposits.

Then, can overcome the blocked pipe can be done alone or require special services? Cleaning clogged pipes can actually be done in various ways, even you can do it yourself! But you still need to know the right way to avoid mistakes. The following are some tips and tricks for how to deal with clogged pipes, namely:

Make use of a rope

The clogged pipe must have been caused by some material that should not have been in the pipe, but instead entered. The first way to overcome this is to make a plastic roll that is no bigger than the diameter of the pipe. Because pipes usually have a diameter of 3.5 inches, which means it’s enough to make even small rolls. The plastic is then tied to a length of rope that can reach up to the end of the pipe. If so, you can drain the water in the pipe, then afterward put the rope which has a section of plastic roll into it. Let the water flow and wait if the rope has come out of the end of the pipe or not. When it comes out, the rope is then pulled. If you want to use this method, then the most important factor to consider is the quality of the rope. In addition, this method can only be applied to pipes that can still be flowed with water. If not, it is recommended to use the method of overcoming clogged drains with salt and others.

Make use of soda

Another way you can do to overcome a blocked pipe is to use caustic soda. Soda fire or commonly known as sodium hydroxide, is a chemical that has corrosive properties and can destroy objects that are around it. Especially things that break down easily. To use this soda the steps you need to do are as follows, namely:

Prepare hot water to be used. Why use hot water? So that the reaction of fire soda that arises for another better.

Before you want to pour fire soda, protect your hands and face using gloves and a mask. This is done to avoid undesirable events such as irritation and so on.

Next, pour the caustic soda into a blocked pipe or drain. Only then can you add hot water slowly.

Use this method several times, until the drains are completely smooth.

When it is inserted, do not use the water channel directly. But wait for a few hours, at least 5 to 6 hours until the chemical actually reacts. Before use, clean your sink again using a home cleaning tool.

Make use of rough sand

The last way you can do is to use coarse sand. How to use this sand? The trick is to turn off the flow of water in your simple minimalist home. After the water channel is turned off, you can cut the pipe, in the position of the faucet located far away, for example in the front area of ​​your house, the tap is then cut. This faucet will be the place for the pipe discharge. Only then can you put sand in as many as 2 handfuls of waterways. Then, insert the compressor hose which has high pressure and the hole is tightly closed. Afterward, reopen the airflow from the compressor. If you succeed, then all kinds of muddy and dirt that clog the pipeline will be destroyed by itself.