Advantages and Weaknesses of Ceramic Roof Tile

Roof tiles function as a house protector from various weather. For that, make sure you

Roof tiles function as a house protector from various weather. For that, make sure you have selected the best tile. One of the best roof tiles that you should know is ceramic tile.

Ceramic tile is made of the same material as traditional tile, which is made of clay.

The Advantages of Ceramic Tiles

1. Weather Resistant Color

This more durable color is due to the sophisticated manufacturing process. The combustion process with temperatures above 1,000 degrees Celsius makes this tile last longer, and there are many colors to choose from.

2. Resistant to any Weather

Ceramic roof tile can withstand a variety of extreme weathers. It has an interlock system that is superior to other tiles.

3. Superior Durability

This roof tile can withstand a load of up to 180 kg because the combustion process is perfect! You don’t need to worry because this tile doesn’t break easily.

4. Environmental-friendly

The material that does not contain harmful substances, that’s why this tile is very safe for the environment. Since the main ingredient of this tile is clay, and the rest is made of additives that do not damage the environment.

5. Heat Resistant

When the outside air is hot, the air that enters the house will remain cold because of the nature of the insulation, which maintains the microclimate. However, during the rainy season, the warmth in the room will remain stable for a long time.

The Weaknesses of Ceramic Tiles

1. Difficult Installation

The installation of this tile is not easy. Any small mistake will make the roof of the house vulnerable to leakage. But do not worry, if the tile leaks, you can use the services of Southern Cross Roofing Sydney. They are experts in repairing tiles. You can call the Southern Cross Roofing Sydney at 02 9477 7961

2. Expensive

The high price of this roof makes the developers think that people who choose this tile should reconsider their decision. That’s why you also have to start considering your choice from now.

3. Heavy

Ceramic tile is very susceptible to collisions because of the heavy burdens that afflict it. The older it is, the more fragile the material when exposed to hard impacts and heavy loads.