All you should know about chandelier purchase skills

Chandeliers are often used in the living room. No matter how you choose, you can’t

Chandeliers are often used in the living room. No matter how you choose, you can’t avoid these six points. Not a big word. Can you avoid using hardware accessories and brands when choosing a chandelier? Of course not, please refer to the chandelier purchase tips. The chandelier buying guide is to guide users how to choose the right chandelier. If you don’t believe it, you can evaluate the following. Luban home lighting installation master explained the introduction.

1. Carefully choose the plating layer

(1) When buying a chandelier, it is best to choose an energy-saving lamp light source or a built-in chandelier, which can save electricity and reduce electricity costs.

(2) As far as possible, do not choose the chandelier with electroplating layer. Because the chandelier with electroplating layer, it is easy to oxidize and fall during use, which greatly reduces the overall beauty.

2.Hardware accessories

(1) For the hardware accessories of the chandelier, check whether the product is defective, mainly to see if the surface of the hardware is black, rusty, paint-shedding, paint leakage, flowing paint or dirt.

(2) In addition, focus on color matching, whether there is color difference, deformation, or burrs, etc., all of which are the criteria for judging.

3.Lighting height

(1) When starting to suspend a chandelier, pay attention to the height of the ceiling and the ceiling of the living room must be at least 2.2 meters, which is a standard value.

(2)If the height of the indoor space changes, such as higher than or the first normal floor height, the installation height can be adjusted appropriately or a number of lamps can be selected. 

4.Brand selection

The user should pay attention to the choice of the chandelier brand, mainly considering its quality, maintenance, and after-sales service.

 5. Lighting surface

(1) When the pendant lamp is processed, its surface will be subjected to electroplating, painting and other processes, which plays a key role, which can prevent water vapor from rusting and being oxidized by air.

(2) At the time of purchase, the process of the chandelier must be inspected, such as surface adhesion, and whether there is any undesirable phenomenon on the hardware surface.

6. Component inspection

When inspecting the original chandelier electrical components, the electrical materials of the general chandelier are made of wrought iron, and its electrical conductivity is very strong. Therefore, when purchasing, you should check whether there are any hidden dangers in the electrical appliances of the chandelier.

7.Carefully choose the light source

After doing basic safety protection inspections, we must pay attention to the selection of light sources. In addition to saving energy and energy, we must choose a better LED bulb. Generally, in the United States, we install e12 base LED lamps for chandeliers. Considering the color rendering, strobe and color temperature lamps, we currently recommend: LOHAS e12 light bulbs for chandelier are the best ones.