Complete Guide on Your Flooring Materials

Choosing your new flooring can be an overwhelming task; there are myriads of options that

Choosing your new flooring can be an overwhelming task; there are myriads of options that you can choose from, and each of them comes with particular benefits and features. There are also different things that you should consider such as the purpose of the room and the amount of foot traffic on the room. Any good flooring expert, such as those you’ll find on sites like TrustATrader, will tell you that research is key when deciding on a new floor. This article will guide you to the different materials used on your floorings.

Your Different Flooring Options

In order to help you choose the best flooring materials, we compiled some of the most popular materials, their description and style pointers.


Hardwood is a traditional flooring material. It provides warmth and durability and the natural aesthetic appeal. Most homeowners still prefer hardwood since they only need simple care and maintenance. There are different types of hardwood and oak seems to be the trendiest choice. However, you should also consider Tasmanian Oak, Brazilian Cherry, and other exotic woods. They are also available in prefinished, parquet and planks which you can easily install by yourself.


This type of flooring is ideal for people who want to achieve the natural appearance of hardwood flooring but without the excessive cost. Compared to hardwood flooring, laminate flooring is a lot easier to install. Laminated floorings are wood materials laminated and layered together and designed with a wood texture imprint. Engineered wood are also considered as laminate flooring; this is costlier compared to the traditional laminate since the top is composed of real hardwood rather than just an imprint.


Concrete is definitely the most popular type of flooring, it comes with a huge selection of sealers and stains. There is absolutely no limit to the designing possibilities of a concrete floor. There are also ways on how you can enhance its appearance. The durability of the concrete flooring is unmatched. Apart from that, it requires minimum amount of maintenance. You can also personalise your concrete floor in numerous ways whether you want to make it plain and simple or a glorious work of art.


Vinyl is the ideal choice of people who want to get rid of moisture problem in their kitchen, bathroom, and basement. It is also very soft and easy to clean. It is available in tiles and sheets with a varying level of thickness and widths. When choosing vinyl flooring, you need to choose the thicker material on the area that receives a high amount of traffic.

Porcelain Tile

Porcelain tile is as popular as the slate, travertine, granite, marble and terra cotta. Porcelain tile is also the most cost-effective flooring compared to the natural stone materials. It has the beauty and solidness of the stone, but it is easier to keep in condition compared to marble. Glossy porcelain tile has the capacity to handle a considerable amount of foot traffic; it comes in different finishes, hues, and texture.

These are just some of your options that you can use on your flooring. You should consider their durability, their level of maintenance and different features when choosing the right flooring materials.