Effective Ways to Prevent Industrial Workplace Injuries

Industrial settings are rife with opportunities for accidents. Whether it’s a construction site, power plant

Industrial settings are rife with opportunities for accidents. Whether it’s a construction site, power plant or manufacturing facility, workplace injuries can occur without warning. However, this isn’t to say that mishaps are a foregone conclusion in these environments. While it’s true that the aforementioned settings pose more dangers than traditional workplaces, there are proactive steps the people in charge can take to minimize the risk of injury. Construction foremen, plant managers and business owners looking for effective ways to curb on-the-job injuries should consider the following tips.


Regular Tool Maintenance

All industrial tools should be cleaned and inspected on a consistent basis. Not only does this help extend the lives of your tools and save your company money, it can also go a long way in promoting worker safety. Industrial tools that have been poorly maintained and allowed to fall into disrepair are more likely to malfunction than those that receive regular cleanings and maintenance. In addition to injuring members of your workforce, a lack of proper tool maintenance can land you on the receiving end of costly lawsuits.

Have Regular Arc Flash Hazard Analyses Performed

Having arc flash hazard analyses performed regularly can significantly reduce the risk of electrically induced injuries in your place of business. An arc flash hazard analysis from a knowledge company will uncover any hidden dangers associated with your electrical system and specialized tools. If you’ve never had an arc flash hazard analysis performed, don’t hesitate to arrange one.

Require Workers to Wear Safety Gear

Although requiring workers to don safety gear may seem like a no-brainer, a shocking number of industrial workplaces haven’t yet caught on. While most of these facilities technically require workers to wear safety gear, the owners and managers are very lax when it comes to enforcing this rule. Many experienced tradesman – particularly those who have never suffered an industrial accident – find safety gear uncomfortable and don’t believe they need it. Not only does this open them up to injury, it sets a terrible example for other workers. To nip this problem in the bud, you’ll need to strictly enforce your company’s policy on wearing safety gear, even if it entails reprimanding some of your most experienced workers.

Preventing injuries in industrial workplaces doesn’t have to be an uphill battle. Ensuring worker safety is much easier than many businesses make it seem. Regular tool maintenance, detailed arc flash hazard analyses and stringent safety gear requirements can go a long way in keeping your workforce safe.