It is our prayer that there will be an utter end to the pandemic, but as things seem right now, there are surges in coronavirus cases. This might lead to another coronavirus lockdown, as governments will seek to protect their people at all costs. If you are working from home, here is a list of tools you can use to reform your workplace and increase your productivity :

Get a quality mobile hotspot
The success of any remote work hinges on the reliability of internet access. If your internet connection is crappy, you cannot be as productive as you want. As such you should try getting a reliable and affordable mobile hotspot for your work. You will be glad you did.

Get good video conferencing tools
The possibilities that you will need to hold a virtual meeting with your boss, client or teammates are high. Virtual meetings help to strengthen the connection between people as opposed to calling only. There are lots of virtual conferencing apps you can use: Zoom, free conferencing app, Google meet, etc.

Screen recording and sharing tools
Most times, it is better to show than tell so that your partner can better understand you. On your laptop or phone, you need tools which can enable you to share your screen with other people. It saves you a lot of explanation and stress.

Online office suite
If you were in a physical office, there would be projects you will work on with your colleagues. But since a physical meeting is not possible, through the help of an online office suite, you and your colleagues can work on the same thing together: documents, sheets, slides, etc.  Examples of online office suited are G Suite, Microsoft, etc.

To-do like tools
Having no schedule for the day equals not being productive as much that day. If you want to enjoy your days and achieve all you set out to do, you need to plan your day. To-do list tools are a great way to do so. If you have a garden around your workplace, you can check JTF Home and Garden products for tools to manage them.

Project management tools
It is quite expected that you will be busy and have quite a lot on your plate. But how do you effectively manage all these without focusing on one and neglecting the order? This is where project management tools come in. They help you to have a good time grasp of all your projects.

Good furniture
Working from home means sitting at a table, operating a computer system. It can be stressful and telling on your posture especially if you bend your back a lot. Good furniture will help you to sit upright and maintain a great posture all day long. You can check for house accessories that would come in handy in your workplace.

A pair of glasses
Since you will be staring at the screen for most of the day, this can tell a lot on your eyes. To avoid eye problems caused by too much exposure to the computer screen, you should go to the optician and request a pair of protective glasses for your eyes.