How to check if it’s time to change the load line?

Safety should be the most important aspect when working with lifting devices. When they are

Safety should be the most important aspect when working with lifting devices. When they are not properly maintained, employees’ lives are put at risk to minimize the risk factor. In addition, defects can contribute to serious financial losses due to damage to goods. So let’s check the condition of the steel ropes that are used in your company.

Why is this important?

Workplace fatalities are usually caused by dropped loads, and it goes without saying that such accidents can be attributed to the wear and tear of steel cables. Although timely inspection and maintenance can prevent misfortunes, the fact is that even a little negligence can cause irreparable damage.

A thorough check of the condition of the machines should take place at least once a year, but in reality wire rope slings are replaced more often in companies that carry out a lot of orders. Monitoring the condition of the lifting ropes is fairly easy, and daily visual inspection can help you see warning signs.

How to assess the condition of steel ropes?

First of all, check that the diameter of the rope is the same along the entire length. If in one place you can easily see the defects, it is a sign that it is time to replace. Sometimes this state of affairs is underestimated by employees, because they believe that the recesses may have arisen as a result of constant contact with the handle or by staying in the rope pulley for a long time. Therefore, they should be sensitized to the fact that such a situation cannot take place – the steel rope must have the same diameter along its entire length.

Another warning sign is any chipping or even minimal cracks. They often announce the destruction of the rope, which can proceed very quickly – sometimes even within one unloading.

Critical points

Checking the condition of steel cables should start with checking their inner bottom part. This is the area that is most exposed to wear because it is where the maximum pressure rests. Damage can be caused by both naturally progressing degradation and lack of proper maintenance. The use of appropriate lubricants or other specifics that are able to extend the life of steel ropes can help in this.

Whatever the reason, damage to steel cables should be a clear signal that it’s time to replace them. Replacing them is the most reasonable approach that can save the lives and health of employees and allow you to run a company offering the highest quality services.