Keep Your Dream House Safe and Sound

Source: Moving to your dream is all about excitement which makes it easy to


Moving to your dream is all about excitement which makes it easy to lose focus on the security part. Although, this should be the main concern of a new place. Even if your agent or the neighbours ensured that this the safest area but, there are still chances of occasional crime. Therefore, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Decorating your new home might be more fun but setting up security measures is also important. Therefore, we have gathered some of the essential security measures you can take to ensure a pleasant experience in your dream house.

1. Look out for all the potential weakness in your front and back door:

As the home’s main entrance and exist, it is essential to keep the doors secure. You should have hard and heavy door instead of the lightweight hollow core doors. There are numerous commercial locksmith service providers which can be very helpful. They offer installation and maintenance of CCTVs, installation of various door locks etc.

2. Be careful of the windows and sliding glass doors:

Windows or sliding glass doors can be easily lifted or broken without much efforts. Therefore, it is essential to have added security with these to ensure your wellbeing. Adding dowel or shower curtain rod in the track, intruders won’t be able to slide the widow or door even if they have unlocked it.

3. Use sensors:

At door, windows, sliding doors etc. using sensors can be very useful. It does require good amount of money during installation but it long lasting benefits makes the price completely worth it. Adding these sensors along with alarms will not only protect your house from the burglar but also keep the surrounding neighbourhood safe.

4. Use Lights:

It is important to save electricity however, using light in the surrounding areas of the house is also important. Usually thieves or burglars approach a house which is less illuminated to carry out their activities easily. With the enough lightings in the backyard and garden, the burglars will themselves keep a distance.

5. Install a Video doorbell:

Usually, the thieves ring bell to know if anyone is present in the house or not. It might sound old, but it is still popular among burglars. With the smart door bells like video doorbells, these tricks can’t work. These doorbells allow the residents of the house to look at the person standing outside the house to make sure if they should open the door or not.

6. Don’t miss out the garage:

Even while installing security items all around the house, garage is usually missed. It is one of the most popular entry points among criminals. The tools present in the garage further helps the burglar to enter the house. To avoid all such incidents, make sure to have camera fixed near the garage gate, sensors and proper lighting to avoid any stranger enter your garage.