Multiple Ways to Fix AC

AC or air conditioner is an air conditioner that serves to lower the temperature in

AC or air conditioner is an air conditioner that serves to lower the temperature in a room. Unlike the fan, AC has the advantage to lower the air temperature, so that the conditions in a room will be more fresh and cool. However, along with the increasing time and duration of use of air conditioning, then of course the AC will be damaged. Variety and type of damage was quite a lot. One of the most frequently encountered from AC damage is air conditioning does not release a cold air, so demanded to be repaired. Then, how to fix air conditioner or air conditioner that is not cold? If you are looking for an expert AC technician, get in touch with air conditioning repair Henderson, NV.

Outdoor AC fan or often called an outdoor AC fan

Please check whether the outdoor fan is spinning perfectly. If it turns out that the outdoor fan is spinning slowly or even not spinning at all, there is a possibility the problem is not cold does exist is coming from the outdoor fan. How to overcome it of course by checking the cable cables and terminals leading to the fan on the outside. Who knows there is loose.

Check the capacitor or outer fan condenser

This capacitor looks like a tube but with a smaller size. The sign of the condenser or capacitor is damaged, usually the outer part of the condenser will bubble. If it looks like that then you better replace it with a new one.

Check and measure fan impedance

This stage is quite difficult stage and usually only done by the air conditioning technicians. This fan impedance checking process uses a multimeter gauge. The tagged part is the cable that leads to the fan. For the fan that is still good on the process of measuring the impedance will be obtained results of tens of ohms. If the value is beyond that, then there is the possibility of fan impedance problematic.

Check the voltage leading to the fan

Although this is rare, the number of stresses that do not fit the needs will also affect the temperature that can be issued by the asset. Perform a voltage check on each cable cord leading to the fan. In checking at this stage should be done carefully, because the voltage in the check is a high enough voltage, which in case of carelessness, it will be possible we are stung by electricity.

Checking or checking capacitors and condensers for compressors

If the outdoor fan condition or the so-called outdoor air conditioner rotates but the air conditioner temperature is still not cold, the next step is to check the capacitor or condenser used for the compressor. The capacitor or capacitor for the outdoor AC fan and for the compressor is usually packed in one piece. Although there are also placed in different parts different. We just look at it and sort the capacitors is leading to which part. Whether to outdoor AC or to a compressor.