The Ultimate Guide Of How You Can Use Baby Furniture After Baby Grows Up?

  Who said you have to scrap the baby room furniture as soon as the


Who said you have to scrap the baby room furniture as soon as the baby grows up? If you think all the furniture in the baby nursery is now useless, you may need to get introduced with some creative ideas about reusing these furniture. In this respect let us tell you one thing. Buying baby furniture is no less important than buying any other important thing like buying a car or other valuables. If you spend diligently, even your baby furniture can turn into useful furniture for life.


Just consider two things. When buying baby furniture, you should not mind spending a little extra if the furniture goes on to serve multiple purposes. For example a convertible baby crib that can easily be used as an elongated bed for drawing space or a baby room seater with a nice storage, such smart and multipurpose furniture ideas can actually be cost effective in the long run. Second consideration will be about buying baby furniture that are easy to be manipulated for other purposes once the baby grows up.

Let us offer below some ideas about using the baby furniture for variety of other purposes after the baby grows up.

  • A Crib Turned Daybed

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If you can turn your old crib into a beautiful daybed it can be used for casual seating whether in drawing room, in porch or elsewhere. It actually takes no big effort to make the crib into such a lovely piece of furniture. All that you need to do is to remove few inches from the front of the bed and cutting a few inches from the bottom with a saw and voilà, your daybed is ready. You can now give it a fresh paint if you wish. Now style it with some nice fabrics of your choice, cushions, etc.

  • A Changing Table Turned Into A Toy Storage

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Does it sound amazing? But, it’s not a wishful thought. It is a creative idea that can be materialised to the benefit of your grownup kids. Fortunately, you do not need to saw any part of make any big changes in the structure of the changing table. You can give it a fresh paint or can just leave it as it has been. Now all you need to do is to attach a cork board sheet at the backside and insert inside few storage baskets. Now you can keep all the toys and playthings here in a nice and tidy manner.

  • A Dresser Turned A Kitchen Island

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If you have wondered what really you can do with the dresser and changing table of your baby room as the loved little one became a grownup kid now, let us offer you a creative way to use the furniture for your kitchen. It really doesn’t take much effort and you can make it a useful piece of kitchen furniture in just one day.

First of all, paint the old dresser as per your preference and now place a butcher’s block on the top and a paper towel rack on one side. Voila, it just looks like a kitchen island.

  • A Changing Table Turned To A Beverage Storage

This is another creative and self-help idea to turn a regular piece of baby room furniture into something useful for everyone.  If you are considering to scrap the changing table for once and all as it’s creating unnecessary junk, you can change your mind with this creative and simple idea.

Just think, wouldn’t it be great to have a separate beverage cart in your home? But hardly you could have think that a scrapped changing table can serve this purpose. But yes, if your changing table has open shelves, it is a good idea to turn it into a place to keep all your beverages in an orderly manner. Paint it with a rich dark colour to allow perfect contrast with the colours of your beverage bottles.

The above mentioned ideas are just specimen of what you can really do with your old baby furniture. Obviously there are many other ways to turn your nursery furniture into useful ones for family home once the baby grows up.