We are enlightened with the definite idea that the electric fans are used to just reduce the room’s temperature. This, however, is not the ‘only’ truth. Electric fans are known to serve a number of other purposes too, which are –

  • Keeping a check on the humidity levels
  • Regulating circulation of fresh air
  • It even keeps the harmful gases or fumes away from our inhalation.

The basic component of every fan is more or else the same, consisting of a base, fan blades, a motor, armature and lead wires. However, a number of different kinds of fans have been invented to serve for our luxury in all the different kinds of places such as homes, workplaces, shops etc.

Mandatory features of a fan

If you are planning to buy fans online, whether it’s for your own home or one particularly for your office, precise care should be taken while checking all the necessary features in it. Additional features such as proper grilling to keep your children safe, multiple speed settings and the presence of ionizers should never be missed under any circumstance.

Different Types of Fans –

Let us understand the different kinds of fans briefly.

Table fans

Modest – sized, compressed table fans provide easy transportation and are invariably suitable for reducing the temperature of personal space. They can be made to fit anywhere in your place may it be on the floor of your household, or top of the desks and tables. It consumes less than 100 watts.

Pedestal Fans

For better convenience in larger rooms, pedestal fans equip itself with height adjusting facilities and even have oscillating heads thereby increasing the range of air dispensation.

Window Fans

It assists in the better ventilation of the house by drawing out the unhealthy air and flushing in cool fresh air from the outside. Since these are seated in the windows, it leaves enough room for the other things by sparing table tops and desks.

Wall Mount Fans

When only a defined amount of space is left on the floor, this serves the best providing greater space with a powerful and luxurious cooling facility in it.

Floor Fans

If your workplace or household is not feasible for ceiling fans or wall fans, floor fans can serve the same function by providing ventilation at the lower level. It consumes around 70- 80 watts in general.

Tower Fans

Shaped like towers, these thin fans spare occupying the extra spaces.Compared to the pedestal fans these have lesser chances of tripping over. It consumes less than 100 watts.

Ceiling Fans

The most common type of fan seen probably in every household, suitably attached to the ceiling. Nowadays, these come with various designs contributing to some extra décor of your place. It consumes less than 100 watts.

Box Fans

These all – purpose fans can be placed anywhere may it be the floor or can even be settled on the windows just like the air conditioners. These often replace the room’s stale air with cool, fresh breeze from outside. It consumes 200 watts.

Industrial Fans

These are specifically designed for the industrial uses. Made with a tenacious metal, these serve the best in large static pressure applications. It typically consumes around 120 watts.

Bathroom Fans or Exhaust

There are a lot of problems cropping up from the excessive moisture in the closed bathrooms. To get away with them, bathrooms should be facilitated with exhaust fans which can even extract the bad odors out. It consumes around 100 watts.