To get a beautiful room interior, then choosing the right tile also plays an important role. Before determining the tile for the floor of your room, there are several factors that you need to consider first. In addition to the budget, you also need to see how often the room is used for passing. Also choose tiles with colors, textures, and motifs that suit your taste, so as to make you comfortable in the room. You can choose the best tile with a charming design in Amber Tiles.

Well, here are tips for choosing the right tile so that your room looks more beautiful.

Not all tiles are the same

Tiles for floors have more limitations compared to tiles for walls because they must be completely flat and must be strong enough to withstand the weight when we step on them. For this reason, tiles with 3-dimensional types, carvings, and glass are not recommended for floors.

Pay attention to the room that is often used

In rooms such as the kitchen and entrance area, make sure the tile you choose has a high level of durability and is not easily damaged. In fact, the most durable is natural stone, which is easy to maintain, of high quality, and very durable. In addition, natural stone also gives a luxurious touch to the room. It’s just that, the price is relatively more expensive.

Alternative replacement

Well, because natural stone is quite expensive, then as an alternative to its use, you can choose porcelain. Besides being strong, porcelain also absorbs very little water, making it a good choice for kitchen and bathroom floors. And, porcelain turned out to be quite versatile. Advances in technology have made it possible to reproduce porcelain from stone, concrete, and wood.

The right size

After determining the right type of tile for your room, now is the time to determine the right tile size. For a spacious room, you can choose tiles with a size large enough, which will make the room look cleaner and more modern.

Determine your style

Many people choose solid colors for the kitchen and main bathroom and experiment with using patterned tiles in narrower spaces. Well, if you want to make your room look simple but still have character, then try choosing textured tiles. Still interesting but classic.