Beautiful ideas for the ideal Princess themed room: Practical, pretty, and positively enchanting!

For little girls today, princesses are hotter than ever: Driven by the Disney Princesses like Cinderella, Snow White, Ariel, Aurora, and others, and bolstered by the Barbie princess movies such as The Twelve Dancing Princesses and the Fairytopia line; girls from 2 to 12 are in love with royalty.

To start out decorating a little girl’s princess bedroom, pick a focal point: Perhaps you have already invested in a kid’s bed shaped like a castle or one with a canopy; if not, then this should be your first consideration. Maybe you had a fantasyland mural commissioned for the wall, or it could be as simple as a beloved princess-themed toy, or a drawing the little girl made of herself in a crown, which you framed.

Next, choose your colours: These should naturally spring from your focal point. In many cases, the castle is pink, possibly with green accents. These are perfect and make it easy to find princess accessories at almost any store, but you could also choose purple, which was truly a royal colour in days of yore, or a colour that sounds regal, such as royal blue.

Once you have your colours you can pick out the bedding but stay away from character bedding. Characters will be introduced into the room soon enough without you picking such a large medium to showcase them. Instead, opt for fabrics that recall the shiny, yet soft and flowing dresses worn by your daughter’s favourite princesses. Find satiny sheets and a simple bedcover and add oomph with pillows that are embellished with tulle, sequins, and more. Hoops hanging from the ceiling over the bed and covered in sheer collared tulle are an inexpensive way to give your little girl a canopy feel without the expense. It is always good advice to go simple on big-ticket items and use little items to establish the excitement. When it comes to changing the room, you will not have spent top dollar on the objects that need replacing.

To store all the trinkets that are an inevitable part of life with your little Princess, there are a variety of storage options: Simple baskets lined with a fabric that matches your theme are a popular choice; these can easily hold dolls, lip gloss and sparkly nail polish, plastic beaded necklaces and rings, even dress-up clothes. For prized princess dresses that match your colour theme, consider hanging them on a peg on the wall as a showcase item. If you are crafty, you can create your own beautiful storage boxes, like a hat box or shoe boxes, painted and decorated with the Princess’s name. Inside can be Princess’ accessories like feather boa and tiara.

Find window coverings to match the colour themes in the room. If you are good with sewing, you can buy some yards of tulle and sequins and create curtains that match the pillows on the bed. Design the curtains in the romantic swag style where they can be pulled back and tucked behind a decorative knob on the wall.

Have fun decorating the bedroom of your own Princess’s dreams!