Handles and grippers for lifting and transporting – everything that will help you make the right choice

When working with various types of materials, grips and grippers can be very useful. It is thanks to them that not only can goods be transported quickly and precisely, but also ensure the safety of employees. The growing popularity of this investment highlights a number of advantages that distinguish this equipment. What exactly are grips and grippers? What do you need to know? Where are they used? What equipment to buy so that it will serve you for many years?

What are the grippers and grippers for lifting and transporting?

Grippers and grips are a wide range of tools whose main task is to carefully and precisely transport materials. They were created to support the work of workers as much as possible. Most often, this equipment is used to carry high-weight materials. However, in order for them to ensure complete safety of employees, it is worth checking whether they have the appropriate certificates. Thanks to them, you can be sure that it is a very good investment.

Types and application of grippers and grips

Grippers and grips can be found wherever it is required to transfer, load or unload materials. They are used as often in factories as in the construction industry. This equipment is installed in cranes or gantry cranes. There are two types of handles:

• magnetic – universal,

• for specific tasks.

The second version is divided into several subcategories depending on the type of work performed. You can replace, among others, grippers for sheet metal, barrels, pipes, rails or car parts. Some specialists also distinguish the classification according to the transported material. Because other equipment is used for glass or concrete blocks.

Grippers and grippers for lifting and transport – which one to choose?

In order for a given equipment to fulfill specific tasks, it should be properly selected. One of the most important criteria is its intended use. Pay attention to whether the equipment will be used to transport light or heavy materials. It is also worth checking the parameters so that they match the other devices in the company. The most important factors to consider are speed, workplace conditions, composition and shape in particular. Using the above parameters, you can be sure that the purchased equipment will meet even the highest expectations. In case of any doubts, it is worth consulting a specialist before buying, who will help you choose the right device.

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