Importance of Paint Surface Preparation

Do you want to give your home a new look? Tired of the exterior wall paint? It’s high time you invited a professional residential painting company to come to your rescue. With the high number of professional painters out there, how do you know the right one? By asking the right question.

When a painter visits your property for an inspection and estimates the project, what are the first questions that come to mind? The most often asked questions center around paint quality, cost of the paint, material manufacturer, quality service delivery, and painter’s years of experience. While these questions are important to get some confidence that the potential painter will deliver outstandingly on the job, the most crucial parts are oftentimes neglected.

Using high-quality paint is important, but the fact is that this constitutes a tiny fraction of the total expenses. A painting job is for the most part labor intensive. Labor costs cover over 70% of the total job cost because that is exactly what you are paying for. And what will determine how lovely the paint job turns out regardless of the quality of the paint is the prepping stage.

Factors That Determine Prepping Technique

Not many people understand the importance of good surface preparation before paint application. Good surface preparation not only makes the paint adhere to the surface but also guarantees a high-quality paint job. However, good preparation can mean different things to different people. Also, not all surfaces are prepped the same way. The prepping technique depends on the type of surface. What can be considered good for one surface may end up bad for another surface type.

There are many factors a professional residential painting company considers when prepping a wall surface. These include

•   Type of surface – wood, metal, or plaster

•   Interior or exterior wall

•   Painting material

•   Wall design

•   Painter’s technical know-how

Perhaps, due to financial constraints, you may be considering hiring just about any painter that offers low fees. These guys will repaint your walls, but the big question is, is it anything near what you are looking for?

It’s OK to want to save money, but it comes with a lot of pitfalls. Your cheap painter can make any surface presentable but it can only last for a short while. In a few months, some parts of the surface may look like a shag rug bristling with bits of loose paint, hairline cracking, and spackling. Correcting these errors might cost you twice as much.

If you wish for your paint job to look presentable for as long as you’d want, hiring a professional residential painting company is crucial. These experts will perform the right surface preparation that will make your paint job last longer.

While paint quality plays a key role in making a paint job look presentable, many people undermine the importance of paint surface preparation. The key to getting it right from the beginning is hiring the right painters, someone with the willingness to get it right.

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