Know The Types Of Axe Trading Accounts To Get Started

Axe trading clients can choose one of the following types of trading accounts: Starting from Silver, Gold, Diamond, and Exclusive. The Begin Account is perfect for newcomers who can benefit from everyday industry reviews and educational components. The minimum deposit required is only $250. Traders can also use Pamm’s investment solutions. The deposit savings system for those who choose the Start account allows the user to add 3% of the amount over 90 days. It would be nice to know also information about the Pros and Cons of Forex trading to get started.

Silver account

silver accounts are required to deposit at least $5,000. This account type offers more opportunities for traders. Personal assistant and 2 sessions per week is the access they have too. Enterprise support service is available 24/5. In addition, clients can take advantage of Pamm and Season’s investment solutions. The deposit savings system implies a 4% increase in the deposit amount over 90 days. What’s more, these trading accounts allow traders to use advisors. Newcomers to the market or inexperienced users can also use a Silver account. Unlike the previous ones, this account type includes webinars, personal reviews of trading platforms as well as a personal analysis of simple strategies (2 sessions with theory and practice).

Gold Account

Gold Account is a premium trading account that requires a minimum deposit of $20,000. It offers an increased number of sessions with personal support, 3 sessions per week. Traders have access to investment solutions such as Pamm, Season, and Sprint. The deposit savings system suggests 20% of the amount per year. Unlike the previous two accounts, Gold holders can be compensated for payment processing fees. In addition, clients can benefit from advisors, trading platform reviews, up to 4 webinars, and more.

Diamond Account

A diamond account requires a minimum deposit of $100,000. This account type offers a fairly wide range of services: 5 sessions per week with personal support, a company manager available 24/7, and access to investment solutions such as Pamm, Season, Sprint, and Intellectual. The deposit saving system allows traders to get 26% of the deposit amount for 90 days. In addition, customers can get compensation for the fees charged by the payment system. Diamond holders can use debit cards, trading signals, advisors, different training materials, and analysis from Trading Central.

Exclusive Account

To open an Exclusive trading account, clients are required to deposit at least $500,000. Offers 7 sessions per week with a personal assistant, support services available 24/7, and Axe Club membership. Traders have access to 5 investment solutions – Pamm, Season, Sprint, Intellectual, and Pro Invest. The deposit savings system implies 32% of the deposit amount per annum or 7% in 90 days, compensation for fees charged by the payment system, personal debit card, and collection at the address. This premium account allows the holder to use signals, advisors, and analysis from Trading Central and ECN. Moreover, it provides access to all webinars, an unlimited number of sessions, as well as simple and advanced strategy analysis.

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