You might think that you only need architectural drawings for large scale renovations to your home but you could not be more wrong. Designs drawn up by an architect are an essential part of converting your loft. While you might, like many others be very tempted to skip this vital step, you need to know that these designs can transform your life and your loft.

What are architectural drawings?

Architectural plans are technical drawings created by skilled architects that include site plans, elevations and roof plans for a building contractor to follow.  Through these plans, the homeowner’s renovation intentions are made clear. The plans will show how best the area will be used and where certain elements would go. In many cases, these plans are used to explore various design concepts.

Do I need professional designs?

In many of the cases, a loft conversion will require you to have some sort of technical map to follow. While they are not essential in most cases it is highly recommended that there be a set of architectural drawing for your contractor to follow. Especially so if there are changes to be made to the structural integrity of the house such as additions to the roof. Your loft conversion will be an asset to your home and you need to be sure that it is done to the highest standard.

Architectural benefits

Many home improvements will benefit greatly from the service of an architectural specialist especially those covering Hampshire area. Here are a few of the most prominent benefits:

• Help you maximise your space

• Uses the space available to increase property value

• Would be able to work within your budget and time constraints

• Will be able to give you an accurate completion timeframe

• Help find the best contractor for the job

Possible risks of not using technical drawings

The scale and type of the loft conversion will determine whether you need to make sure that you have an architectural specialist on board. Not having the right drawings for your loft conversion could leave you at risk of:

• Refusal by the town planning

• Damage to your home as a result of poor design

• Increasing costs to have the damage repaired

What would an architectural package include?

Most architectural firms will have a team of dedicated designers on call to help with projects of any size. When you sign up with a firm you will be asked to select a project package. In many cases, these can be customised to suit your budget. For the most part, the package will include the following:


This will be the first set of designs delivered to you as the homeowner. This will give you an idea of how the architectural team envisions your new space. This is the stage where most of the changes will be made. If you feel the bathroom or windows should be situated in other locations this is the time to voice your opinion.


Once you have approved the plans set out the next step is to start planning the loft conversion. Here your designer will walk the path with you. They will guide you through the process and will liaise with your builder to find the best time to start on the conversion.


This is the final step in the process and will see that you have your designer on site to ensure that all building goes according to plan.