Stopping the Drip: A Guide to Effective Roof Leak Repair

Leaking Roof Repair Materials – A leaky roof may be a type of problem that is quite troublesome for most people. The reason is, besides being able to flood the house, the roof leaks periodically and can also cause damage to furniture such as cupboards, chairs or other wooden furniture.

In fact, a leaky roof will make the atmosphere of the house even more uncomfortable because there are lots of buckets in the corners of the room. In fact, moments like this really don’t need to happen if you understand and understand how to anticipate a leaky roof or other disturbances that affect the comfort of your home.

Fortunately, there are currently quite a number of materials available that can be used to repair leaky roofing materials. What’s more, some of these materials can now be found easily in building shops or online stores such as marketplaces.

So, if you are planning to repair a leaky roof, you can contact roofing & construction service Neligan Construction, or you can do it yourself, it’s a good idea to find out some of the ingredients first. To help, on this occasion we will explain in full the recommendations for leaky roof repair materials, along with their advantages and disadvantages.

Leaking Roof Repair Materials

As previously explained, leaks in the roof of a house are a type of problem that is quite troublesome for most people. Where these problems can actually be caused by various things, starting from the influence of the weather, the slope of the roof, the position of the tile sags and so on.

If the roof leak is left alone, it is likely that later it will require quite expensive repairs for a leaky roof. Therefore, before the leak gets worse, you should overcome it by using leaky roof repair materials.

Broadly speaking, these leak-proof repair materials are used as leak-proof coatings so they can protect the roof of the house. Instead of being curious, below we will provide a recommendation for a list of leaky roof repair materials as a coating for roofing materials for houses.

1. Asphalt

The first leaky roof repair material recommendation for you is bituminous sheet coating material. Where the bitumen leaking roof coating is an asphalt-based material so the choices are even more limited.

Therefore, there are actually very few modern roof models that use asphalt as their roof coating. The asphalt materials for repairing leaky roofs themselves are available in the form of pastes and membrane sheets.

2. Membranes

It should be noted, initially the membrane coating material was only used as a leak-proof coating in construction and highway works. However, as time goes by and the high demand for household leaky roof coatings, eventually membranes are increasingly being used.

In fact, currently leaky roof repair materials such as membranes have also been used for several other conventional buildings. The procedure for its use is to burn the membrane on the leaky roof surface. The melted membrane texture will stick very well when it dries.

3.Styrene Acrylic

The next leaky roof repair material is styrene acrylic material. In general, styrene acrylic is used to coat concrete surfaces in factories or other industrial buildings so that they are water resistant and resistant to various kinds of impacts.

Where the structure of this leak-proof coating material is harder and able to stick very well. Besides being strong and stable, styrence acrylic also has a texture that is resistant to extreme temperatures, so it is very suitable when applied as a leaky roof repair material.

4. Cementitious

If you want to fix the roof of your house or not leaking concrete with a lower budget or budget, then cementitious is the most suitable recommended material. The method of coating leaky roofs using cementitious is done by releasing a viscous liquid on the roof surface to close the cracks.

In Indonesia alone, this type of leaky roof coating material has also been sold in the market with various brands. Not only is it easy to find, but the price is relatively cheap, it is also very suitable when applied to buildings such as homes.

5. Polymers

Maybe most of you are familiar with the name polymer or acrylic leak-proof coating materials. It is enough to apply acrylic using a brush or roll to the surface of the roof of the house, then the leak can be overcome.

The material itself is a polymer or acrylic-based waterproof material and is widely sold in liquid form. Usually, polymers that are more elastic are more often used as roof coatings or leaky tiles than acrylic.

6. Liquid Additives

Then additive liquid with a mixture of cement in it can also be used as a material for repairing leaky roofs. Even though the material used is different from the previous material, its function is actually the same, namely to make the roof or concrete more solid and waterproof.

In Indonesia, there are quite a number of modern house roof models that use liquid additives as coating paint because the quality is guaranteed. Some examples of cement-based coating materials include Aquaguard, Asanaproof, Supercement and so on.

7. Waterproof paint

The last leaky roof repair material recommendation for you is waterproof paint. As is known, in the Indonesian market itself there are now quite a number of waterproof paint brands that offer their respective advantages or advantages.

The procedure for using waterproof paint as a leak-proof coating for the roof of a house is also very easy, just like applying a leak-proof coating for gutter carpets. You only need to coat the roof of the house that has problems using leak-proof waterproof paint.

Tips for Preventing Leaking Roofs

Even though the roof of the house has been installed correctly, it is not uncommon for several factors to cause leaks or damage, such as heavy rain during the rainy season. If not handled properly the leak will disturb the comfort of the people at home. Don’t let it happen, leaking roofs was a disaster for many people, you can contact Neligan Construction and Roofing to prevent a leaking roof. Neligan has over two decades of experience, faithfully serving residential and commercial clients in North Florida, you can contact Neligan Construction and Roofing in corporate office at: 904 247 3777 or you can visit Neligan Construction and Roofing sites at:

Don’t let Leaking Roofs more bigger, Before carrying out repairs to a leaky roof, it’s a good idea to know what the causes are, so that repairs to a leaky roof that are carried out later can be carried out to the fullest. 

The above has been explained in full regarding a number of recommendations for repair materials for leaky roofs, equipped with a number of advantages and procedures for their use. So, to avoid roof leaks, you should:

  • Cleaning Dirt / Garbage

Dust, leaf & twig waste from trees around the roof, and various other impurities can clog drains and cause leaks. You can do this step as a first step. After cleaning, check again if there is damage to the roof, and the quality of the waterproofing may have decreased. 

  • Give a layer of waterproofing

If cleaning and checking have been carried out and it turns out that the house is still leaking. The steps you can take to repair a leaky roof are to apply a layer of leak-proof or waterproofing to areas that have cracks or leaks. Use a leak-proof coating that is suitable for the type of roof in your house and is proven to have a high level of resistance. 

  • Repair Cracks with Sealant 

Apart from doing waterproofing, you can try repair steps with a sealant on a cracked roof. Apply sealant to the cracked roof, make sure it’s bonded perfectly. Repeat these steps if needed. 

  • Installing Roof Flashing 

Roof flashing is a metal sheet that is installed in a roof niche or at the meeting point of the roof area. This roof flashing is used to drain rainwater into the gutters or towards the disposal, so that the water does not stagnate or get under the tile, which can cause seepage.

  • Replace with a New Roof

One of the best ways that can be taken if various repair efforts have been made but the leak still occurs. Maybe it’s time to replace a new roof in your home. 

So, those are the causes of a leaky roof and tips you can do to repair a leaky roof. To minimize the occurrence of leaks, especially during the rainy season. Don’t forget to do routine checks especially in areas that are prone to leaks, such as in drains and house water pipes.

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