When the brand of Bellavista Collection came into existence in 2010, it started as a producer of a cherry-picked selection of Italian luxury furniture pieces. The company has always been choosy as to what to include into its inventory.

Attilio Zanni, one of Bellavista’s founding fathers (or founding brothers, because the brand was founded by two brothers – Attilio and Fabrizio Zanni), has been designing the items for the collection from the very start. Thanks to the talent and hard work of this extremely gifted and prolific all-round designer, the collection steadily grew, but remained a group of highly selected pieces.  

Like any producer of high-end furniture (as well as a variety of items related to the interior design), Bellavista Collection regularly participates in reputable trade events. The biggest and the most prestigious one is Salone Internazionale del Mobile (a. k. a. Milan Furniture Salon, or simply iSaloni).

In fact, the Bellavista Collection brand was first introduced to the public at iSaloni 2010, and the company never misses editions of this exhibition ever since then.

Maison&Objet, one more trade event Bellavista Collection regularly participates in, takes place in Paris twice a year. This exhibition unites trade professionals, whose vocation is related to interior design and various aspects of lifestyle. As a rule, Attilio Zanni creates a new collection of showpieces for each trade fair.

In 2019, the general idea of the new collection was ‘Dolce Vita’ – the concept familiar to everybody who remembers what lifestyle was seen as chic at the middle of XX century. Looking at Bellavista’s pieces designed in 2019, you’ll certainly spot certain traits of design popular a few decades ago.

In 2018 Bellavista showcased Dulcechina – the collection of items, design of which was inspired by magnificent Orient – as it easy to guess from the name, mostly by Chinese culture. Dulcechina has been enjoying high popularity ever since iSaloni 2018, where it was first showcased.

Immediately after every trade event, the former showpieces replenish the company’s inventory – that’s Bellavista’s long-standing tradition. In such a way, the collection grows from event to event.

The visitors of Bellavista’s website have an advantage over trade events attendees: unlike the items displayed at a trade show, pieces in the company’s inventory are available in a variety of options. There could be several sizes, shapes and variants of material: in case of wood, up to about a dozen, sometimes even more.

Of course, there are favorites, so to speak – the materials and finishes, which are used most often.

Among metals, cast brass with antique bronze finish is an obvious favorite, and for a good reason. Foundry workers love brass because it looks grand and it’s relatively easy to cast. It looks even grander if the antique bronze finish is applied onto it – the items look as if they were made of noble old bronze. This finish perfectly harmonizes with many other materials – wood, marble, glass, leather, upholstery fabrics, and many others. Look, for example, at ISABELLA floor lamp, where the base and the pole made of brass with antique bronze finish go well with raffia lampshade.

As to the wood options, it looks like oak and American walnut, natural and stained are among the favorites, along with some grand-looking exotic species like ebony, rosewood, and grey sukupira.

Take a glance at two console tables from Dulcechina collection – RITZ and MAO. Feet of both consoles are clad in cast brass with the antique bronze finish; metal details of both tables are made of the same material.

MAO and RITZ are special: along with wood (7 options of wood are available for both of the tables), some non-conventional materials are used. For example, straw isn’t a common material for Bellavista items – but beautiful insert in MAO made of Vienna straw goes extremely well with wood and brass. The same could be said about white onyx, a backlit slab of which is placed on RITZ tabletop. 

Oriental-inspired design of these tables, combined with cleverly chosen materials, makes both consoles look marvelous.

The wood options (they are the same for both consoles: four kinds of oak and three kinds of walnut – natural and stained) offer customers plenty of choice, because they greatly vary in color. 

Traditional natural oak and American walnut, greyish shades of grey stained oak and smoke-stained oak, grand-looking dark woods – there’s plenty to choose from. Almost black moka stained walnut offers a beautiful contrast with white onyx stone or golden-colored straw. So do moka stained oak and dark stained walnut, which are of deep brown color.

Actually, dark colored woods such as moka stained oak are among longstanding favorites at Bellavista.

Look at SHENZHEN coffee table with its original pattern of solid wood planks – doesn’t dark wood make it look noble and elegant?

By the way, cenere-stained oak, the new finish introduced just recently, has every chance to become one of the favorites in the future – at least it is already popular with Bellavista customers. This new finish is of pleasant-looking grayish color, with an attractive visual effect: the surface of a furniture item seems slightly brushed.  You can evaluate this new finish if you look at the side table and a bench, both named TAO: cenere-stained oak is among their wood options. By the way, these two pieces form a lovely ensemble.

For metals, there are two lovely dark-colored finishes: black patina and Nero Bellavista.

All in all, Bellavista loves experimenting with materials and their combinations. Along with Wood + metal, glass + metal, wood + marble, which are common for the brand, there are pieces where unusual combinations of materials are applied. What about metal plus marble?  Meet ALBERT, a side table made entirely of these two materials. There also are all-marble (PENCHINO) and all-metal (HOLE, BATISTA) tables.

In other words, a truly talented designer – like Attilio Zanni from Bellavista Collection – will always manage to make the most of any material, revealing its natural beauty.