The procedure of buying first home start to be key. Glad to novice digestible.

Perhaps many do not dare to buy a home because did not know the processes

Perhaps many do not dare to buy a home because did not know the processes and procedures involved.

For too new, many do not dare to act because do not know the intricacies of buying a first home.

The fear is that “exposed” later. Of course, a lot of money can be dissolved if a misstep right?

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The procedure to buy a house may be unfamiliar to you guys planning to buy your first property.

Buying real estate in general, involves 5 steps:

  1. Create an inventory purchases,
  2. The tender,
  3. to counsel and loans,
  4. The signing of the agreement,
  5. Managing transactions.

Knowing the procedure is important because it can:

  • Helps you to plan, and
  • Avoid delays that can cause harm.

In this tutorial, I will share about the period and the procedure of buying real estate.

What you need to prepare before you buy a house?

You are to be ready are ready to buy a house, if the conditions below:

  1. There is a 10{37b352f8fd180c056495075d305a02a21273ddb47979602429c3c6f7ae7f8043} cash from the house for a deposit (30{37b352f8fd180c056495075d305a02a21273ddb47979602429c3c6f7ae7f8043} deposit for the third and subsequent home). For withdrawals, most owners still need you guys to pay a deposit first and then create a new production,
  2. There is a cash 4{37b352f8fd180c056495075d305a02a21273ddb47979602429c3c6f7ae7f8043} of the value of homes for legal costs and stamp duty,
  3. eligible for loans from the bank or real estate consultant,
  4. For existing loans (personal loans, credit cards), you are to manage costs well and there is no any delay,
  5. if working equipment, you are to confirm employment status as permanent employees, or more than 6 months,
  6. documents for loan applications and the full legal,
  7. there must be some commitment. If clean, it is never a loan, banks also want to thank hard. Get a credit card, use a little, and then pay within the specified grace period.

In the letter anyway.

After selecting a property to buy, you guys would sign a deal.

People are advised to read the terms in the letter of offer.

You guys are going to make a payment of 3{37b352f8fd180c056495075d305a02a21273ddb47979602429c3c6f7ae7f8043} as a sign to be money, or close to booking fee real estate agency.

Real estate agencies will act as trustee. This is to ensure that the money is managed safely and fairly.

Tip avoid booking fee you drain.

  • Make sure that we are dealing with a real estate consultant register. Ask them to show tags and business cards,
  • If you buy direct with the owners, the money to be paid close sign lawyers as trustee.