Throughout the decades, the most used material for building a pool was concrete. Nowadays, many things have changed, and a lot of clients choose to build a pool made from wood.

Wooden pool benefits

Wooden pools from have numerous advantages, including quick installation. Right now, they have an enormous advantage over pools made from concrete, which need much more time to dry. When we talk about the wooden option, in reality, we only need to fold it.

There are two options for the installation: above ground or “buried”.  We need to remember that these options have their benefits, but also some disadvantages. If our grounds aren’t too big, then the best choice would be the “buried” pool. But before we buy it, we should think about it and consider some topics: Do I have children? Maybe animals can drop into the pool? Unfortunately, this kind of reservoir is hard to protect from rushing kids and animals that don’t watch their steps, which leads to dangerous situations. If we choose the wooden above ground pools, then we can jump right into the water. It is possible because there is an option to install a ski jump and a unique ladder. This solution is exquisite and can change the scenery of your garden.

The price of a wooden pool

Unfortunately, a high-quality swimming pool is expensive. Naturally, we want to use our pool for many years – the most important thing in the price of the pool are the materials that were used to build it. Many people think that pools made from wood are much cheaper, but that is not always true.

Wooden swimming pools are much easier and quicker to install. Thanks to that, there is a big opportunity to reduce labor costs. Because almost all wooden pools are fully prefabricated, the next cost savings can be realized in the production of the elements. If the wood had to be individually picked and selected for each project, the costs of our little dream could be enormous. The cost of a pool that was made this way could be shocking and terrifying for many people. Lucky for us, many producers can handle this kind of thing and can give us a really rich offer that is still good for our wallets.

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